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Our Mission

Riverine Inc. was founded by Andrew Rowland with one thing in mind, to help the owners of small to mid-sized businesses create sustainable digital marketing platforms.

We are passionate about developing digital media campaigns that deliver measurable results and empower our clients to effectively and confidently manage their campaigns from the front lines.

We know small businesses

Through our focus on working with small businesses and our founder and lead strategist, Andrew Rowland’s background, we have intimate knowledge about the marketing challenges the owners and managers of small businesses face today. Whether you are an established business, or running the show by yourself Riverine Inc. can help your business understand and leverage digital and social media to create measurable results for your bottom line.

We like to get to know our clients

Our work starts with understanding our client’s business – What are their challenges? Who are their competitors? Where are there untapped opportunities? Do they need to find a new source of customers? Do they need to keep existing customers coming back?

We then work with our clients to develop a strategy to meet those challenges and capitalize on available opportunities. We help answer questions like; Should they create a Facebook page? Do they need a new website? Should they have a blog? What keywords/search terms do they want to rank well in the search engine results for?

We work to empower our clients

Once we set a course, we create and optimize our client’s digital media assets then go on-site with our clients staff to train them hands-on how to effectively manage their new website, and/or digital media outposts on Facebook, a blog, Twitter, etc… Riverine can provide our clients with customized training and coaching for managing and monitoring their digital and social media efforts. We can recommended a schedule for content publishing, create customized instructions for creating and publishing content, guidelines for responding to comments and mentions online and personal training on all the tools to help streamline your daily management of digital and social media. It is our goal to EMPOWER your staff and employees. To give them the tools, knowledge and framework to follow so that our clients can manage their digital and social media from the only place possible – the front lines! We want to help our clients learn the lingo, train with the tools and teach them to become digital marketing and social media ninjas!

We deliver measurable results

After launch, we get you started on our reporting and monitoring services that will let you track results from your efforts and monitor conversations about your company. Know where your leads are coming from, hear what people are saying about you online and find out which of your marketing tactics are working best – all of this in near real-time.


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