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Social Media Marketing
Riverine Inc. works with brands (organizations and individuals) who are interested in finding out IF  and HOW they should be involved in Social Media. With intimate knowledge of the ever-changing social media landscape, Riverine helps our clients create, develop, launch and manage successful social media programs.

We help our clients answer the big questions like:

  • How could we benefit from a social media presence?
  • What can I hope to accomplish through a social media marketing effort?
  • Are my customers and prospects even using social media?

We then craft a strategy that will outline the specific tactics and channels to use in order to accomplish our client’s goals. In this stage we help our clients answer questions like:

  • Should I have a Twitter account? A Blog? A Facebook page? Etc…
  • What should I write/talk about on social media?
  • How often should I be Tweeting, blogging, etc…

Once the specific tactics are chosen and a plan is in place, Riverine will work with our client’s to actually create their social media presence with a range of activities including:

  • Custom website/blog design and development
  • Social media account creation and Optimization (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, YouTube, Yelp, etc…)

In the implementation stages, we work directly with our client’s staff to teach, train and empower them to effectively run their social media presence. We answer questions like:

  • How do I effectively manage / streamline my social media efforts so that time and energy are not wasted sorting through all of the “noise”?
  • What tools/software can I use to make managing and monitoring my social media efforts more efficient?

Next, we will train your staff on the specific mechanical tasks such as:

  • How do I add a new article to my blog?
  • What are #hashtags? Why would I use them? How do I do it?
  • etc…

Finally, a dedicated Social Media Manager will be assigned to your account to assist you through your “honeymoon” with social media and be available as a resource when you have questions.

In addition to these customized services, Riverine will work with all of our clients to keep them updated on all of the social media news that matters through our online continuing education and we of course recommend that you follow us @RiverineMMT and subscribe to our blog for small businesses.


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